Services we provide

At SCENT we offer a full range of hearing tests for ALL ages and a complete range of hearing solutions for all types of hearing loss. For children, we have a full time paediatric service (Monday to Friday) with dedicated spots for children at convenient hours. For adults, we offer the most sophisticated hearing aids, as well as implantable solutions such as bone anchored hearing implants, implantable hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Hearing tests for children and adults

  • Paediatric assessment from 6 months of age

  • 6 months to 2.5 years; Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry

  • 2.5 years – 6 years; Conditioned play audiometry

  • 6 years and up; Pure tone Audiometry

Hearing Aid and Hearing Rehabilitation

Why choose SCENT for your hearing aid?

SCENT is an independent audiology practice, so offers an unbiased, patient focused approach to your needs. Our audiologists are professionals that only offer patients what will best serve their needs, as they have no commissions/incentive packages with any brand. We offer a 6 week trial period for your hearing aid, to make absolutely sure it is the right decision for you. This gives ample time to try the aid in the various hearing situations you face in your day to day life, such as work meetings, social gatherings, restaurants and cafes. Only then can you know for certain that the hearing aid is a good fit for your particular hearing needs. Many places expect a quick turn around on hearing aid purchase, which rushes you into a decision. We prefer to get it right, and make sure you enjoy and use your hearing aid.

• Independent Audiology Practice (No industry association)
• Patient focused approach
• No commission and no follow up sales pitch
• Substantial trial period (6 weeks)
• Ability to trial most brands of hearing aids

What to expect when considering a hearing aid;

  • A personalised approach to finding the right hearing solution for you.
  • Some of the hearing solutions we specialise in are Hearing aids (in ear, behind the ear and customisable options), Cochlear Implants & BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aids).
  • For existing Hearing Aid users; we provide fitting, servicing and trouble shooting

Available for purchase:

• Swimming ear plugs – Plugs that help to prevent water entry. Available in an array of different colours and with pictures for children. You can also have custom moulded earplugs for the perfect fit, by seeing one of our audiologists.
• Drying ear plugs – Plugs that are placed into the ear canal AFTER a swim to help absorb any water that entered the canal.
• Sound reduction ear plugs – Plugs that help to reduce the sound level entering the ear canal. A range of different strength sound reduction plugs are available over the counter including some designed for use during sleep.
• Musician ear plugs – You can see one of our audiologists and have custom moulded musician plugs, which have a more sophisticated sound reduction where sound is reduced more consistently across the different frequencies.
• Flight/ pressure ear plugs – Pressure ear plugs can help to mitigate the pressure changes experienced when flying which can be a source of pain for some people.

Our other specialist services include:

  • Ear Plug Fittings – swim plugs, musician ear plugs, sleep/noise plugs, custom made plugs.
  • Tinnitus Investigation and Management Strategies; For some patient information on Tinnitus, please click here