Booking Your Appointment

Please Book Online or call us on 02 9451 9883 to book your appointment for a hearing test and/or a hearing aid discussion.

We offer several services listed below, each with the expected appointment duration;

  • Hearing test 30 mins (children & adults)
  • Hearing test & hearing aid discussion 60 mins
  • Hearing aid discussion only 30-45 mins
  • Ear moulds for custom music/swim plugs 30 mins

Once your appointment has been made, you will receive as email confirming your appointment, including some forms we use to learn more about your specific needs, enabling us to provide you with the most appropriate appointment type.

It would be appreciated if you could please complete the form and return it along with your referral prior to your appointment, either by fax 02 8330 9274 or email

Otherwise your referral and forms can be provided on the day of appointment.


a) 5-7 days prior to your appointment, you will receive an appointment SMS reminder, with the option to confirm simply by pressing ‘Y’.

b) 2-4 days prior to your appointment, you may receive an COVID screening SMS.  Please read it carefully and respond “N” or “Y” according to your circumstances

We look forward to seeing you!