Common signs of hearing loss

Some of the common signs of hearing weakness in children:

• If your child is not as responsive to being called as previously
• If your child is talking in a louder voice
• If your child frequently says “huh?” or “what?”
• If you believe your child’s speech and language development is delayed or not as developed as other children of the same age
• If your child’s day care or preschool teacher has mentioned any concerns with their hearing and/or speech development
• If your child’s school teacher has mentioned some concerns in regards to their hearing or behaviour in the classroom
• If your child prefers to turn the TV volume up louder than other members in the family

Common signs of hearing loss in adults:

• Turning the TV or radio volume up to understand the dialogue (louder than others in the same household, or louder than previously)
• Having difficulty hearing the speaker if there is noise in the background (such as a restaurants)
• Having difficulty following conversations in groups of more than 2 people
• Frequently asking people to repeat themselves
• Mishearing people during conversations and guessing what people are saying based on the context of the sentences
• Being told that they talk very loudly
• Having difficulty understanding the speaker when not facing each other
• Having difficulty hearing conversations on the phone
• Not hearing environmental sounds such as door knocks, the doorbell, car indicators when driving and the phone ringing.
• Having their close friends or family complain about their hearing

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